If you have a business can’t you expense everything?
This is a common misunderstanding amongst new business owners. There are many benefits of having your own business and having the ability to “expense” business expenses helps to reduce your taxes. This is because the tax act allows for business owners to be taxed on Net Income which is the net of Revenue minus Expenses. You have to be careful here because not all your expenses can be expensed such as personal clothing, Gym memberships and LCBO liquor. Generally, your accountant will provide guidance and restrict the personal expenses so you don’t get burned when it comes time for CRA Audits.

Is my data safe in the cloud?
Your data is actually safer in the cloud than on a PC. On the cloud your data is stored behind servers which are protected by companies like Quickbooks who spend millions of dollars to ensure the security upkeep. Now compare this to your $29.99 antivirus program on your PC. The cloud also has the benefits and ability to safe guard your financial data as no one can walk away with it. With a PC desktop based if someone has the backup of your data they now have complete historical access to customers, pricing and other things. So short answer is yes the cloud is much safer in the long run and also cheaper when accounting for the risks of having a desktop based.

What kind of Support should I expect from my accountant?
It’s easy to make a sale but it’s harder to provide robust support. Client’s almost always leave a business because of customer service and lack of support. Most people are so focused on the ‘next sale’ that they lose vision of the bigger picture. It’s important to adopt technologies like Join.me screen sharing which allows our team to effectively troubleshoot and resolve any issues clients have. The after support is so critical to the success of your business that we consider sales as #2 and support as #1. Our clients become our sales agents because of the awesome support they receive.

Business owners usually rush to hire an Accountant on the basis of them having Accounting and Tax experience. Although having Accounting and Tax experience is critical for a good accountant a great accountant would also have real life business experience. It’s important to decide on a Accountant that has business experience so that they can share those insightful business knowledge with you. Ask yourself this: Wouldn’t you rather have a strategic finance partner than a number cruncher? 

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- Written by: Jag Bath