Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Are you looking to grow your business with a Finance Partner to help scale and navigate the future change for your company?

KPI Analytics are just numbers until you can cultivate a story for what the numbers indicate. We can help to bridge the gap to your company’s growth with our power reporting. 

Kick off: 
We start off by introducing you to your new CFO. Once you have a name to the face you now have access to them on a monthly basis for advice, discussion and strategy planning. Our CFO’s work around the clock and the value generated is guaranteed. 

Pricing depends on the number of hours you would like to engage the CFO. Our CFOs charge out rate is $250/hour and typically our clients buy 4-5 hours a month for review and analysis. The CFO hours can be utilized with a combination of Emails, Phone calls, Skype video calls, WhatsApp messaging and in person meetings. 

Some reasons why you should consider this: 

  • More time to focus on new services, customers and core competencies.

  • A better understanding of the financial side of the business. Fewer surprises higher returns on investment.

  • Control of your business. Putting you in the driver seat to navigate pitfalls.

  • Comfort of knowing a professional is overseeing, protecting and constantly improving the financial side of your business.

  • Budget preparation and monitoring between budgets and actual results.

  • Profitability analysis to see how profitable your company is. It’s how much money you keep not how much you make!

  • Tax planning and areas of potential tax recovery and recaptures.

  • Training and managing current AR/AP staff members who will report back to the CFO.

  • Cash flow management to ensure you make all your financial obligations.

  • Trend analysis to see how your company is comparing against the industry and competition.

Next Steps: 
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