Small Business Consulting
When you’re about to start a small business, it’s important to ask yourself the right questions before you get started:

  • Should I incorporate or register my company?

  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of incorporation?

  • Should I register for a HST number? If not, when should I?

  • Should I register for payroll or WSIB? If not, when should I?

  • What records should I keep, and for how long?

  • What year-end should I choose for my business?

  • How do my financial results compare to the market?

  • How can I improve revenue for my business?

  • Should I buy or lease a company vehicle?

  • When is the right time to expand my venture?

  • When should I open a business bank account?

  • How can I secure business bank loans?

Capex is here to guide you every step along the way. We are your business finance partners and we will help you make the right decision based on the questions you have.

Minutebook Catch-up
Your minutebook is like a logbook for your business. Are your bylaws outdated or you need to update the directors, shareholders and other major transactions.You should record all the major transactions such as year-end accounting completed, tax filings, major land purchases,  other debt obligations and share certificate register maintenance. The minutebook is required to be updated for many CRA audits and bank financing.

Growth Strategy
Capex can help you evaluate growth opportunities with appropriate capital formation strategy. We start by analyzing your capital needs then identifying the most feasible capital sources as angel investors, venture capitalists, small business loans, grants, bank financing, and internal cash flow financing. Generating your business cash flow statement will allow appropriate breakdown between Operating, Financing and Investing activities. We ensure the capital strategy will go above and beyond your business potential.

Financing & Grants
The Canadian government provides many grants and financing to help support small businesses. These grants are essentially free money to help you support your business operations. The reasoning for providing such grants is from a long term perspective as the Canadian government will collect future tax funds from your corporation. Many businesses don’t bother trying to apply to these grants as it involves many financial projections and analysis but the payout of free money doesn’t hurt! 

Dashboard Financial Modeling
Capex provides you tailor-made financial models which takes your year-end financial information above and beyond the numbers. Would you like to see what the Key productivity indicators were for your business and which areas can be improved. Simply providing financial statements does not proactively solve problems. Our proactive dashboard solutions puts you in the driver seat of your business to manage your business productivty and cash flow.

Corporate Consulting (VBA – Visual Basic Applications)
Cost reduction is a key strategy in staying profitable as an entity, and we have the knowledge and tools to achieve those objectives.  Capex provides a wide range of consulting services which is designed to maximize your net worth.  We identify your unique accounting problems while implementing automated tools as VBA Excel and Access regardless if it’s an overhaul or a small adjustment.  When you encounter a weakness, we will help turn it around into your business strength. 

Corporate Seminars and Training
We love to educate our clients on how to become impactful with the modern strategies and software.  We will keep you abreast with seminars that include Microsoft Excel training while applying it to your day-to-day activities.  When you invest in the right training methods, you will employ a higher return on investment from your operations.  

Risk Analysis and Management
Every business needs to have a back-up plan.  An essential part of starting your business is identifying risks while identifying, analyzing, and mitigating them to help you stay prepared.  We will help you stay competitive by identifying risks through detailed audits by creating risks models and ‘what-if’ analysis to gain the most practical techniques and mitigation strategies. 

Software Implementation & Training
Educating clients is a key part of our firm.  We will provide you extensive and comprehensive training with such tools as Freshbooks, QuickBooks, Xero or Excel.  This is extremely beneficial when implementing ‘do-it-yourself’ bookkeeping within your organization.

Our training programs are complete one-one-one modules to help you master the importance of bookkeeping while embracing the benefits of cloud software. Throughout the process we will provide you with vital reporting tools. 

Quickbooks - ProAdvisor Consulting
We are approved Quickbooks certified consultants and can help you with transitioning data from one file to another file by eliminating the unnecessary data entry. We use importing/exporting tools to help expedite the process. If you are looking to migrate from one accounting system to another or simply are trying to combine multiple files into one we can help you with this. Keeping the history of your financials is a requirement as per the Canada revenue agency. 

Quickbooks - Condense Maintenance
Removing old financial information can significantly reduce the file size by more than 80%. Need to know the file size? press F2 on the Quickbooks home screen to check the size and confirm if your file size is over 100MB and if so you might be due for maintenance. If the desktop Quickbooks file is too big it can really slow down operations. We offer a quick Weekend turnaround which leads to zero operational downtime. The process is quite straight forward as we will take a backup copy of your Quickbooks file on a Friday reduce the file size over the weekend and provide you the condensed Quickbooks file for Monday morning. Call us to discuss the details of your Quickbooks file today!