CRA Payroll Tax Audit
Hiring employees is the pinnacle point of a business' growth. However, there are many administrative steps taken to generate the T4's, source deductions, CPP and EI calculations. The auditor's will be looking for areas of weakness within your payroll system to hit you with fines/penalties. Let us play the bodyguard and make this painless as possible. We will start with vetting all the payroll calculations in question to ensure that all your numbers are squeaky clean! 

CRA Personal Income Tax Audit
If you receive a Review or Audit letter from the CRA we can help to defend your original tax return credits claim. We start off by gathering all the source documents and drafting a memo written to the CRA. The key here is to ensure the Audit goes smoothly. We help the audit go smoothly.

LSUC Spot Audit - Law Society of upper Canada
Spot Audit supports and promotes the high quality of law and paralegal firm record keeping by answering questions, providing guidance regarding trust and general record keeping requirements. The auditors will be asking detailed questions and we can help support you by playing defense. When the law society comes in on the offence get the best Capex Defense! 

In-Depth Internal Control Auditing
Having strong internal controls is critical to the success of your business. Following the best practices allows you to avoid expensive mistakes in your future. We will educate you on the best practices in the industry to prevent any errors before they occur. Unlike financial audits, internal control audits focus on the business as a whole. In many cases you will learn that the cost of doing nothing can be more detrimental to a business than hiring for control auditing. 

CRA Corporate Income Tax Audit
Don’t panic if you receive an audit letter from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).  Capex will be there to represent you during the entire auditing process.  The auditor will come to our office to address your questions once we obtain your signed RC59 form. 

If you ever come across any tax errors that need to be resolved, we provide the support to correct those problems before it becomes a larger issue.  We will ensure accuracy and proper source documentation papers with your records to satisfy the CRA Audit.    

WSIB Premiums Audit
Need to prepare for a upcoming WSIB audit? Let's get your minute book updated and ensure all your filings and invoice calculations are ready for the auditor to review. We will actively play bodyguard for you with the auditor and ensure that we provide you with all the preventive measures to make this as painless as possible!

Audit/Review Engagements
Is your bank asking for audited financial statements? We can help you by preparing your books and get you ready for the audit by representing you and your company books to the external auditors. We do this by executing key preliminary testing to help minimize exposure areas. We finally finish the preliminary audit by providing you with a management letter with areas that need to be reviewed/fixed.