Incorporations & Business name registration
Incorporating your business is always an important decision to make as you progress in the marketplace.  We will thoroughly educate you and advise when it’s the perfect time to incorporate.  This process involves conducting proprietary name searches to ensure no other business is registered the same way.  Once we register your name, you are given total freedom to register web domains, create business cards, develop brochures and implement various promotional items under your legal name.  We provide you the right solutions to adopt a corporate structure to benefit you on a long term basis.

Business Plans
We consider a business plan as a ‘treasure map’ to your success.  Capex CPA's will ask you detailed questions to fully understand your venture to create the perfect business plan.  A realistic plan is essential when you’re seeking such avenues as bank loans and corporate investors.  We will effectively help you forecast the most reasonable revenue objectives with ongoing measurement to monitor the financial health of the organization.

Due Diligence Procedures
When going through a merger or acquisitions it's important to do due diligence procedures. These processes include taking a comprehensive approach that looks at Quality of earnings, cash flow, working capital, debt and other debt like items. Questions such as the product/service profitability and the future tax issues. We can help review, analyze, provide guidance and advice. We give clarity to the numbers and help translate the numbers to actionable tasks.   

FOFI - Future Oriented Financial Statements (Projections)
Financial forecasts and projections are developed to allow lenders to assess the risk of lending their money. A company can forecast sales and expenses based on the best information available today. A great example would be a trucker who has a route contract provided to them that would have a positive cash flow if the bank lends money to buy the truck. Another example could be a restaurant installing a extra kitchen to generate more sales from the added capacity of table turn overs. Financial projections and forecasts are usually required in addition to a notice to reader engagement.

As a corporation, it’s important to know that bookkeeping is a critical process that pertains to financial statements and taxes.  Team Capex have the right tools to implement an accounting system to track all of your financial activities.  Our cloud-based technology increases efficiencies while executing the perfect bookkeeping systems for tracking cash flow, forecasting business growth, fulfilling government tax filing obligations, and reducing accounting costs to promote stronger internal frameworks.  

Financial Statements
Notice to Reader is a combination of income statement and balance sheet statement with source documents provided by the shareholders. We work with these statements to deliver the financial position of your corporation for your management discussion and analysis. Many owners and or other users might be interested in seeing the financial position of the corporation. There is no assurance provided on such engagements and are meant for a limited audience restricted to usually the owners. If more assurance is required a reviewed or audited financial statements would be required as the notice to reader would not suffice. 

Managed Payroll
Payroll is extremely important when staying organized within your organization.  Employees need to be paid within the correct cycles while ensuring CPP, EI, WSIB, Income Tax deductions calculations are accurately deducted.  In addition, it’s important that the correct announcements are provided for any legislative or tax changes.  In a nutshell, payroll can be time consuming, and it’s important to place the operations in the right hands.

We work closely with you when calculating employee hours and rates while delivering pay cheque remittances. You will be fully prepared with such government documents as T4’s and records of employment (ROE) while thoroughly tracking deductions to avoid penalties and fees at the end of the year.  Capex CPA's provide you expertise with the most accurate payroll records.