Firm of the Future 2017 - CapexCPA

Quickbooks just released the newest firm of the future accounting firm winners who have been recognized for leveraging the key trends in the Accounting industry. The four major elements being the cloud, service, technology and power reporting. When these four elements are put together, they allow us to create a strategic partnership with our clients and become a Firm of the future.

CapexCPA applied for this contest, where a total of 15 firms worldwide were selected with 4 from each country being Canada, USA, UK and Australia. In Canada, Quickbooks ranked our firm as one of the top 3 cloud accounting firms. We feel honoured to be recognized as one of the firms of the future. At CapexCPA we strongly believe in our signature DNA elements to help our clientele. Below is our take on how we became a Firm of the future. 

The first DNA element is Cloud. 
We feel that using the same cloud accounting platform like Quickbooks allow our clients to understand the numbers better. The cloud eliminates confusion and helps with timely decision making. Keeping transparency is critical in establishing a trusting relationship with our clients.  

The second DNA element is Service.
We make every effort to respond to all emails, phone calls, texts and social media to help communicate with our clients. Providing speedy responses to questions is essential to play the Virtual CFO role. 

The third DNA element is Technology. 
Using technology in every facet from client on-boarding to the tax year-end and repeat. We only use the best in class software providers. Our app closet essentials include Quickbooks, Hubdoc, Wagepoint, and Plooto. We wouldn’t be able to run our Cloud practice without these software platforms. 

The fourth DNA element is Power-Reporting.
Providing our clients with strong analytical reports that extend the Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet is what helps to differentiate us from traditional accounting firms in the industry. Our clients love getting weekly/monthly cloud reports which help resolve real operational issues before they become problems. 

We look forward to working towards introducing a completely paperless and cloud based accounting experience for our future clients. It’s been an amazing ride thus far, and we look forward to growing and helping to pioneer the future of Cloud Accounting. 

Choose Change. Choose Capex.

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- Written by: Jag Bath