Let's face it the legal profession has faced aggressive competition. In a industry which similar to accounting is built on trust and relationships it becomes important to manage those relationships both efficiently and effectively. The legal landscape is changing with the introduction of new technologies that lawyers are embracing. Clients are demanding more from their lawyers and expect speedy responses and status updates. With a market full of traditional law enforcers clients are truly looking for legal partners #Suits.

Catering to the changing demands of clients who want answers right away and having a edge over competition has become critical to long term growth for law firms. Competing against lawyers who haven't adopted Cloud practice software like Clio are falling behind the tech curve. Traditionally a lawyer fresh out of the law firm would most probably use PC Law to manage their respective practice which like Clio includes time-tracking and Client-billing. One of the major drawbacks is that PC law is restricted to the computer it is installed on. The client data is actually safer on Clio servers than it is on your personal laptop.

More importantly desktop based practice softwares don't allow for case details to be available anywhere. Forgot your laptop? Lost your laptop? Stolen laptop? #Toobad. Having the ability to work from any device is non existent which leads to inefficiencies. These inefficiencies lead to higher costs which are ultimately passed on to clients. Let's introduce the idea of Clio Cloud practice software which is a completely web based solution. You can effectively run your law practice from a iPad or a iPhone. The practice software allows for seamless integration with trust accounting ledgers. 

Law firms are required to have monthly trust account reconciliations and bookkeeping completed in addition to the form 9As signed. Money movement from the lawyer trust to general Account is a heavily regulated accounting area which is handled beautifully with Clio. The cloud based practice software attaches a Clio matter number which makes it way magically into your Quickbooks or Xero accounting system. Reconciliations are painless and compliance is easier to adhere to #ThankYouClio. We strongly recommend the lawyers starting their practice to try out Clio for a free Trial. Capex is a certified consultant for Clio and we can help you with any questions you might have!

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- Written by: Jag Bath