Quite recently at a networking event I got asked why did you name your firm Capex? Interesting question because I love explaining this one!

Capex is a finance term that stands for “Capital Expenditure” which is money invested by a company to acquire or upgrade, fixed physical, non-consumable assets such as buildings and equipment or a new business. So how does this all tie into the Capex name?

The driving factors of starting this Firm and choosing this name was to help educate small business owners on the benefits of Capex to the bottom line. Embracing change and making the necessary investment into your business is critical to stay cash flow positive. There are many unique challenges in every industry/business and Capex spending is used to mitigate these risks and gaps for the long term. The goal of this firm is to not only do your Governmental compliance work but also work together to build a more profitable business. We want to project the benefits of positive Capex investment which will lead to solid business performance and profitability.

Almost anyone can hire an Accountant for a business to do the taxes or bookkeeping but finding a CFO styled partner is a bit more rare. Apart from keeping the boat afloat we like to coach on business best practices and provide recommendations to better your business. Capex is helping one business at a time to focus on the big picture by laying down the necessary foundation steps in order for our clients to remain future-proof. We believe strongly in education and technology. Technology is part of the Capex DNA and without the efficiencies realized we would not be able to play the business advisory role we do for our clients.

We adore technology such as cloud accounting and cloud storage but more importantly we encourage our clients to also do so.  So to sum it all up in one word, one mission, one vision. Capex.

p.s. Capex is pronounced as "Cap-X" sort of like FedEx except CapEx :) Easy to remember see! 

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- Written by: Jag Bath