If you’re still using spreadsheets and desktop solutions for your accounting methods, you need to start thinking about the online realm!

We use Cloud storage and computing for so many tasks within our day to day lives, so it makes total sense that you could consider moving your accounting needs online too. Call it your personal online accountant if you will, but Cloud accounting is the ideal way to have complete and total control over your accounts and all your financial transactions, synced in one easy to access place.

What is Cloud Accounting?

Cloud accounting is basically the same as Cloud storage, i.e. the information you upload to it is stored in the ether, floating around in cyberspace. You don’t need to worry about security or safety of your data, as this is encrypted and stored over several back up servers, which ensures total safety of your financial information.

More and more companies are choosing to move their accounting online, and therefore virtually employ an online accountant. Perhaps it’s time you did too, in order to not only streamline your financial tasks, but to keep up with the competition as well.

What Are The Benefits of Cloud Accounting?

It’s not worth doing anything unless there are several benefits coming your way. In terms of Cloud accounting, there are several.

•    A totally efficient service - The fact that everything is streamlined, synced and working as one makes your financial services complete efficient, whether it is you doing any particular inputting, your accountant, or any members of staff you give access to.

•    You can access it anywhere - You can access your cloud accounting anywhere, provided you have an online connection.

•    Everything is done in real time - Any change that is made to the online accounting system is done in real time and therefore changes take place across the entire system. If you make a change, your accountant sees it, and vice versa.

•    Extra features - Certain Cloud accounting programs have extra features you can make use of, such as scanning recipes into an app, or direct invoicing. It’s worth shopping around before you make a decision, so you can choose one which has all the features you need.

You’ll no doubt choose to hire an accountant as your business starts to grow, and by choosing an accountant who is used to technology such as this, you can enhance your financial forecast dramatically. An accountant who is on hand to help you with technology means you can streamline everything, and if they are available on Skype, or other video conferencing means, you have an extra dimension of quality to take into account too.

Going down the route of an online accountant isn’t only about choosing Cloud accounting options, it’s also choosing an accountant who works online too. This means you can search country-wide for the right professional for your needs; you’re not simply limited to the accountants within your physical local area.

All of this, when combined together, means an extra dimension to your future business success.

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- Written by: Jag Bath