When you start a new business, it becomes your baby. You live, breathe, and think about it constantly. You love your job, you are your own boss, and of course, your business is going to survive and grow into a huge corporation.

Not always.

A start up business is a risky endeavour, but if you put into place the right software packages and cover all bases early on, your chances of becoming the next big thing are much greater as a result.

One area which many start ups put off until later is the accounting and bookkeeping arena.

Big mistake.

The sooner you implement the right software packages, the greater your chances of success and growth, and the easier it will all be. Businesses exist to make money, and whether you enjoy it or you don’t, whether it’s your passion or it’s not, if it’s not making cold, hard cash, what’s the point? Your business will instantly fail in this case.

Finding software packages which allow you to integrate your accounting and bookkeeping tasks, while also cutting down on the amount of time you need to spend tracking expenditure and profit, are an area you need to be looking at sooner rather than later. By streamlining you record keeping and billing tasks, you will save time and money in the long run. The quicker you get these software packages in place, the easier your business will be to run over time. By doing this, you are basically preparing your business for growth and expansion in the future.

These software packages also grow with your business, i.e. the more your business expands, the more information your package will hold and record, making your tax returns earlier, allowing you to track information and see how successful you are in real time and also informing your future business decisions. Software such as this allows you at any given time to see how your business is doing in reality.  

Why Cloud Software is Beneficial  

There is a reason why many businesses choose to go down the route of cloud software, including for their accounting and bookkeeping tasks. Cloud software gives you that ‘real time’ feel, e.g. you can check details at any time and know it is up to date. In addition, you can link up your main business bank accounts, using a program such as Quickbooks. This records everything for you and links everything together, without you having to do much else.

You can also access monthly or quarterly reports, to give you a snapshot of how your business is really doing. All of this is invaluable and avoids costly mistakes, while also informing you when you are in the best position to expand and take on new investments.

Of course, for a start up, all of this may seem overwhelming, but putting in the time and effort to ensure your future success is jus good business sense. The investment of time ma seem large at the start, but it will bring you benefits almost from the get go.

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- Written by: Jag Bath