If you’re looking for a new firm to help with your accounting needs, you’re sure to be struggling with the initial decision. Everyone has a sales pitch, so how are you supposed to narrow down what you need?

Remember, it’s vital to take the time to think this through carefully. This is a working relationship which is going to last for a good amount of time, and you need to make sure that the company you end up choosing can work within your methods too.

A good option is a firm which uses cloud accounting. Let’s explore why this is a positive option, as opposed to the regular accounting company route. Before we get there however, what exactly is this type of firm? 

Basically, cloud accounting is done online, so you don’t have to actually meet the person in reality, it’s all done virtually. In order to find the ideal cloud accounting company, you need to check that they have the best systems and methods, to be able to do the job effectively. 

Easy Access to Your Company’s Finances

Most cloud accounting companies will use software which is stored in the cloud. This means you can also access financial information easily, allowing you to make faster decisions, and be up to date on everything that is happening with your business as a whole.  

Cloud Accounting Companies Are Often Quick to Respond 

The fact that these types of companies are working solely online, this generally means that you can get in touch with someone when you need to ask a question, quite quickly. Their online work means that they are often connected to a messaging software package of some kind. We use #Slack.

Use of Several Apps and Programs For Better Productivity

Cloud accounting firms are, as we mentioned, online-based, and this means they are able to use online apps and software packages for better productivity. A regular firm would often rely upon one process, whereas a cloud accounting firm can integrate various services to create a faster and more productive experience for your business, which is completely streamlined.

Accountancy Meetings Are Easier

A business needs to have regular meetings with their accountants, and this can be difficult to do in person, due to travel and scheduling. An online cloud accounting company can talk to you over video call and utilize screen sharing, making meetings much easier and more efficient.  

A Paperless System

Everything is stored in the cloud and accessed by the people who need to access it. This cuts out the need for endless pieces of paper and therefore streamlines your office processes. Higher efficiency and productivity are two of the major advantages of going with this type of accounting service.

Whether you opt for a cloud accounting service over a regular firm is really a decision which needs to be weighed personally. There are pros and cons to each side, and it’s vital that you find the right option for your business, to ensure a faster and more efficient accounting service for you.

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- Written by: Jag Bath