There are not many businesses who can hold their hands up and say they enjoy bookkeeping.  SaaS businesses can find this a difficult and time consuming process, and as a result, there are many pitfalls which can become a business unknowingly. These types of pitfalls can end up being expensive, both in money and time.

A good way to streamline your bookkeeping endeavors and save yourself both time, and the risk of mistakes, is to ensure that your booking is automated. That sounds complicated, but when you break it down, you’ll see how easy it can be.

Research And Choose Apps For Cloud Accounting

Cloud accounting is beneficial in many different ways, and there are several high quality apps on the market which makes the process much easier overall. Cloud accounting allows you to access your financial information at any time, and you can easily complete many different tasks in half the time as a result.  

If you are keen to implement bookkeeping automation, cloud accounting, and choosing the right app, is a vital step. Look for apps which have something called an ‘open API’. This will allow the app to utilize third party services, to enhance your accounting. 

Research And Choose Apps For Subscription Billing

The very nature of SaaS companies is that they are going to have several profitable transactions which recur over the space of the month. This can be hard to keep track of, but an app which utilizes subscription billing, working well with your cloud accounting app, will take the hard work out of it all.

The idea is that the two apps work side by side, and this handles the tax side of things also. When a client is billed, the two apps will kick in together, and an invoice for the sale will be sent from the app handling subscription billing, over to the app handling the general cloud accounting. Nothing gets missed in the middle as a result. This will also apply the correct amount of tax on the sale, depending on where the client is based.  

Research And Choose Apps For Managing Expenses

A third app you need to obtain is one which will record receipts and invoices pertaining to expenses. Again, this needs to work seamlessly with your cloud accounting app, to ensure everything pushed from one to the other. As a result, you have less paper, rendering you finally paperless, and everything will update itself, via the apps working together, without you having to input and calculate various figures.

Automated bookkeeping is about all areas of your accounting services running together and updating accordingly. This creates a more streamlined, easier to use service for any business, but for a SaaS business especially.

Of course, it’s important to ensure you choose the right apps, and to utilize advice from regular bookkeeping companies, to help you establish your tech bookkeeping system. Setting everything up from scratch can take time, and there can be mistakes made. By taking advice and choosing apps carefully, you minimize these risks and ensure you have an automated and successful process in place. 

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- Written by: Jag Bath