The business world has many buzz words which come and go, but one which has stayed is ‘productivity’.

Productivity allows a business to be efficient, and as a result, allows extra profits to arrive.

If a business isn’t productive, work isn’t being done in the most useful and efficient of ways. This makes mistakes more likely, reduces morale within the business, and has a knock on effect on everything else.

Productivity means deadlines are met, new contracts and custom are obtained, the workforce are happy and wanting to work, and the reputation of the business is high. All of this means profits, and profits are what a business strives for!

Ensure That Your Accounts are in Order

So, now we know why productivity is important, how exactly can it be obtained? One way is to ensure that your accounts are in order.

The reason that having up to date and accurate accounts help to boost productivity is down a smooth running operation. When you’re not sure what your financial forecast is, and you’re constantly missing tax deadlines, your business is in a state of chaos. This means that you’re paying penalties which you could have avoided if only your business was more organised. You’re also likely to be doing jobs twice, e.g. sending invoices manually and recording when they’ve been paid, when you could utilise a technological accounting system which does all of this for you in one step.

Having your finances in order brings a sense of confidence and knowing that you are organised. This is huge in terms of freeing up time and effort. You can then direct this towards marketing, finding new clients, keeping your customers happy, ensuring your employees’ morale is high, and dealing with problems on a day to day basis. Never underestimate how time consuming accounts can be when they’re simply not in order, out of date, and chaotic, to say the least.

Cloud Accounting is a Great Solution

So, how can you do it? Cloud accounting is a great solution for businesses who are striving to be more productive. This is one of the most accurate and up to date ways of keeping your accounts, and it is virtually paperless. Everything is done via an online connection and your records are stored in the Cloud. This is completely safe, as it is encrypted and backed up on various servers. Only those who require access can have it, via password protection.

When the tax deadline comes around, filing your taxes is super-easy, simply by generating the correct reports from your Cloud accounting software. It will take you minutes, when a manual, out of date system would have taken you hours and an endless amount of stress.

Keeping your accounts up to date and accurate has a world of benefits, and productivity is just one of them. Freeing up your time and freeing up your mind is hugely important, because this concentration and effort can then be redirected to the areas of your business which really need it the most.

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- Written by: Jag Bath