You’ve got that feeling: It’s time to strike out on your own.  That’s never been easier to achieve than right now with all the possibilities the modern economy has to offer to small home-based businesses. Starting a business has become easier than ever with the marketing methods available through the Internet and social media.

Enterprising entrepreneurs have found success in a variety of domains, from marketing to design to consulting. Consultation can be particularly lucrative if you’ve developed expertise in a certain area, gain the necessary certifications, and focus on a target market. However, regardless of your specialty, there’s a method to getting off the ground, finding clients, and bringing in solid revenue. Here are the essential steps.

Choose the Right Service

Nobody’s going to buy sand at the beach no matter how good the pitch is. A successful CEO writing for Entrepreneur recommends asking yourself a series of questions to identify the niche where you’ll thrive, and they include whether there’s demand for the product or service and whether it fills a real need in the world. Think hard so you don’t have to go back to the drawing board after wasting valuable time and energy.

Set Up an Inspiring Office

Work can be a pleasure in a pleasant environment, so put some time and effort into the space where you’ll be spending so much of your time. Start by finding a source of natural light,, whether it’s in a spare room or a quiet corner of the salon, and make that the focal point of your workspace. When it comes to your desk and chair, follow the principles of ergonomics and invest in some quality equipment, including a printer and scanner.

Create an Enticing Website

This is the gateway to your company, so it should accurately reflect what you do. Plus, more and more customers are looking for products and services online, making this platform vital to your sales. Every email that you send out should carry a link to your site where anyone can find out more information about your company and what you offer. This will save you a lot of time in convincing potential clients of your professionalism and expertise.

Invest in the Right Tools

The right tools include user-friendly software and web-based technologies. A start-up expert writing with Forbes recommends a number of products with a broad range of applications, such as Google Analytics, which provides a treasure trove of information about who’s visiting your website so you can better understand your target market. EchoSign, meanwhile, allows you to send contracts to clients in electronic form for quick and easy signatures.

Make Time for Marketing

You won’t survive for long without clients. There are a number of ways to hook your first few fish, and the easiest of all is talking to friends, family, and old colleagues who may be looking for what you offer. Then, expand your reach using social media. Keep up these efforts on a daily basis, as well as completing projects in the pipeline, to ensure future revenue.

Stay Productive Every Day

Having a dedicated office is part of keeping on task, but not all of it. Maintain a regular schedule that begins with waking up and getting ready for the day as if you were back at your old company. Yes, that means putting on some proper clothes, as lounging around in your pajamas prevents you from clicking into work mode. Remember that there’s no one else there to pick up the slack, so you’ve got to put the nose to the grindstone. Remember, if you want to change the world ‘make your bed’ - William H. McRaven

Mind Your Health

With so much going on, it’s easy to forget your diet and exercise regimen, but that would be a costly error, leaving you susceptible to illnesses that sap your energy. Keep that morning jog in your routine, add a few more vegetables to your lunch, and stay hydrated. You may also want to consider a session of meditation or yoga, which are excellent means to relieve stress.

Stay positive. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was any Fortune 500 company. It takes perseverance to be successful, and that’s something you’ve got.

 -written by Larry Mager

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