The Future of Accounting is in The Cloud #Hubdoc

We are excited to announce that we made it on the list of the Best 50 cloud accountants of 2018! With our mission, we are helping many small businesses move their accounting needs to the cloud.

Technology is ever changing and that means that in order for a business to remain competitive, they need to stay abreast of changes and developments. Accounting is an area which many businesses overlook, because they have their own set processes in place, and those processes have worked for the last few years, so why change?

Why change? Because technology dictates that you must! 

Accounting is an area which requires vigilance and care, but it is also something which can be streamlined and adapted, to make it a less time consuming process. Switching to Cloud accounting is something your business is very unlikely to regret.

What is Cloud Accounting?

Here at Capex CPA, we acknowledge and understand the vital importance of staying up to date with technological advances, and as such we are now dedicated Cloud accountants, helping businesses to complete their accounting tasks remotely, without the need for extra hassle or stress. We use the most up to date Cloud technology to reduce costs, streamline your accounting processes, and as a result save you time and money. We’re also always on hand to help you with any issues, either via an instant messaging chat or even a video call!

But, what exactly is Cloud accounting?

Cloud accounting means that your accounts and financial transactions can be accessed via an online connection from anywhere in the world. If you’re travelling and you remember you need to add in a transaction, you can simply log in and get it done. Any of your staff responsible for accounting can do the same, and so can we, as your Cloud accountants.

There is no need to worry about security and safety, as your data is encrypted and saved across different servers, backed up accordingly. Cloud accounting is safe, effective, and seriously up to date. It also means that your financial information is up to date at any time too, as you are running in real time. There is no backlog of receipts which need to be added, no manual billing to be done, it is all synced and streamlined into your Cloud accounting software package.

The Accountancy Way Forward 

If you don’t believe how popular this endeavour has become, just look at this article about the sheer number of Cloud accountants across North America. You can see how quickly this has grown and how it doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. Of course, we would always recommend ourselves to help with your accounting needs, and our expertise and years of experience within the financial field backs up that claim. 

At the end of the day however, you need to choose an accounting solution which fits with your business, and which you feel comfortable with. Because Cloud accounting allows you to have complete control over your financial requirements at any one time, the future really is in the Clouds. If you remain stuck with your feet on the ground, you’re missing out on the major advantages that could be coming your way.

Special shout out to our Technology Partner Hubdoc for sending out the Top 50 swag! #HubdocLife

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- Written by: Jag Bath